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I am very proud to introduce the founding members of Convrgency – Harvard College Virtual Reality. These incredible creative and business minds are dedicated to creating compelling VR experiences and defining this powerful new medium. Join us as we change the way stories are told forever. 

– President, Connor Doyle ’19


Connor Doyle –  President

Connor has worked professionally in acting and directing for the past ten years across Theatre, Radio, TV and Film. In the United Kingdom, Connor has performed as a principal role (Michael) on Billy Elliot in the West End, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Peter Pan and in over twenty other production across the country.  In 2014, Connor gained a dramatic scholarship to Eton College where he continued to direct Film and Theatre, and was president of the Broadcasting Society. Currently he is an undergraduate at Harvard University studying English on a full scholarship. Connor is drawn to Virtual Reality as he wants to bring his unique and extensive background in Theatre to capturing incredible Virtual Reality experiences. His vision for this technology is through crafted story, carefully directed attention and much experimentation, Virtual Reality can become a truly incredible medium.

JAMIE HERRING –Vice President

Jamie has an extensive background in theatre, working with many companies such as Jealous Whale Theatre Company and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Studying History and Literature, with a secondary in Neurobiology, he is passionate about exploring the cross sections of theatre, story and everyday life. He has worked with Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of Education for the UK, on education policy and is passionate about bringing theatre and virtual reality into the classroom.

Liat RUBIN – Business director

Liat Rubin was born in Los Angeles, California and moved to Los Gatos, California in 2005. She is currently a freshman at Harvard College and is studying Humanities. She has interned at LA nonprofit Baby2Baby and served on business/publicity boards of various on-campus groups. With a background in both the performing arts and journalism, she was first drawn to VR for its immersive capabilities and it’s unique power as a storytelling space. 

Aashay Sanghvi –Operations Director

Aashay Sanghvi is a freshman at Harvard College planning on studying Economics. As a whole, he is interested in behavioral economics, product design, and emerging technologies. Previously, he took a year off before attending and had the opportunity to travel to parts of South America and the South Pacific. He also worked at a design studio that specialized in work with startups. He was drawn to virtual reality as the next generation of consumer computing.

CARLA TROCONIS – Marketing Director

Carla Troconis was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is a freshman at Harvard College planning to study Government and Philosophy. She has worked extensively in journalism, political campaigns, and marketing in her career experience. She was first drawn to VR due to her interest in theater and the field’s potential for interesting and innovative content.

Madeleine WOODS –Writer

Madeleine Woods is a freshman at Harvard College planning to study Archaeology, Art History, and Folklore and Mythology. Her previous experience includes endangered species conservation, modeling, and writing- all passions she plans to be continually involved in. When it comes to VR, Madeleine is most interested in its creative and experiential aspects.

Lance Oppenheim –Producer

Born and raised in South Florida, Lance Oppenheim is a director/editor whose films have been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution, official selections at over 50 film festivals, awarded at 16 festivals, and nationally televised on PBS. Across the interwebs, his films have been featured as three Vimeo Staff Picks, as two Shorts of the Week, as part of an editorial on The White House official blog, and by The Atlantic. His work has been commissioned by clients ranging from Facebook to Harvard College to various national, non-profit organizations, including frequent collaborator, The Opp-Guide to Community Service. Lance is currently a freshman at Harvard College.